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Is Michael Oher Married? Here’s What You Should Know His Wife



michael oher wife

Michael Oher stepped foot in this world on 28th May 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a former offensive tackle American football player and was a part of the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons. Oher was also a part of the Baltimore Ravens initially. When Oher was at the University of Mississippi, he was a part of the college football team. Michael received honorable prizes there. After that, Michael Oher became a part of the Baltimore Ravens through the selection process in 2009. Michael Oher has also been a part of the teams Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers.

Michael Oher’s childhood was a bit harsh as he had to spend most of the time alone. This is because his mother suffered from addiction to alcohol and cocaine. His father was frequently in prison. His parents could not give him much time. He had eight siblings other than him, including three sisters and five brothers.

Therefore, he spent most of his time alone in loneliness. As a result of which his grades in school went worsening, and he hardly knew anything about discipline. But his life turned upside down in college. In the latter half of his life, the Touhy family adopted him and took care of him.

He earned his reputation all over the world by playing football. His fame reflects the hard work and dedication he gave to reach such a level. Residing in Nashville, Michael Oher former team, Carolina Panthers, released him. He also has quite an impression on social media. People from around the globe like to know about his personal life.

Michael Oher Wife

Image credit – Instagram

For years, fans kept searching and asking whether Michael Oher is married or has a wife. But the answer is quite clear now. Everyone knows now that Michael Oher’s wife’s name is Tifanny Michelle Roy. She comes from African-American ethnicity and is 39 years old, where Michael Oher himself is just 35. It has been 2 years now since they tied the knot.

Therefore, they seem quite a happy couple. However, a drunken scandal took place back in 2007. On being drunk, Oher lost control and attacked a Uber driver. It was then that Michael Oher’s personal life came under the spotlight. Through an Instagram post, his personal life picture of Tifanny Michelle came to light. The incident demanded the Uber driver to speak about the incident.

The name of the Uber driver was Girma Berkessa. The driver reported that Michael Oher asked him to follow a car in which his wife was present. But unfortunately, after some time, the driver lost sight of the vehicle in which she was. Thus, it made Michael Oher furious. He was so angry that he verbally abused the Uber driver. He even physically assaulted the driver. According to reports, Michael Oher bit the Uber driver on his rear portion. His other friends were present too in the cab. But they, too, weren’t much polite.

Physical Abuse

Moreover, reports stated that Oher’s friends wrestled with the Uber driver and kicked him in the leg. Therefore, this incident led Michael Oher to get arrested. However, presently this matter is calm and settled. But this incident had a significant impact on the personal lives of Michael and Michelle.

They faced a lot of trouble regarding this matter once. However, the couple opens up relatively less about their personal life. According to various reports, the couple also has a son. But they never did reveal his name or anything about his identity and whereabouts.


Image credit – fame shala

Having a height of 6 ft. 4 inches, Michael Oher had a successful career in his life. Not only is he famous for his NFL career, but also his own life story, “The Blind Side.” This autobiography became famous around the world. The movie hit the screen in 2009. This is because we know that very few sport stars have their autobiographies published which had become widespread. Hence, it is because of these reasons Oher gained so much popularity among the people.

However, in his career, he faced many severe injuries, which sidelined him from the squad. But Oher was never the one to give up. After coming back more assertive, he fought back harder. Carolina Panthers released him because of his frequent injuries and failure in physical tests. Therefore, these days Oher remains unattached from any NFL team.

He often travels across the globe these days. Oher also attaches himself lately to many charity works, which speaks about his personality. Because of his rough childhood, Leigh Anne and Sean Touhy felt pity for him, taking him when he was 16. They knew about his condition and what he faced due to lack of proper care.

Thus, they took him in as an adopted son and loved and cared for him in his childhood. Due to this, Michael Oher got to know his other two siblings – Collins Touhy and Sean Touhy Jr.


Oher experienced great success in 2004. A well-known football player, he received first-team All-America honors from USA Today and was allowed to play in the U.S. Army All-America. He also took in a scholarship offer from the University of Mississippi after receiving Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, and N.C. State requests, among others.

Being a freshman offensive lineman, Oher played eleven games for the University of Mississippi. He started 10 of them at the proper guard position. Oher was selected first-team Freshman All-America by The Sporting News and first-team Freshman All-SEC for his excellent play in 2005.

In 2006, Oher became a standout star in the highly competitive SEC after moving to his more natural position at left tackle. Oher earned second-team All-SEC for his performance. In the same year, Michael Lewis released a book titled The Blind Side, which detailed Oher’s life from being a foster child to becoming a college football star. The book later transformed into a movie in 2009 and starred Bullock. The film even received a nomination for the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

Michael continued to rule the left tackle position in his junior year. After selection in the consensus first-team All-SEC in 2007, Oher signed for the 2008 NFL Draft. After just a couple of days, he rescinded his declaration for the NFL Draft to return for his senior giveaway at the University of Mississippi.

Michael Oher was the only senior leader in the team that marked its first winning record since 2003. He was once again a consensus first-team All-SEC.

During the 2012-13 season, Oher helped to qualify the Ravens to Super Bowl XLVII. Oher and his teammates won the battle for the championship in a tight game. They scored 34 points to the 49ers’ 31 points.

Michael Oher wife rumors

In the year 2020, there was a rumor that Michael Oher’s wife is Tabitha Soren. But soon, it got clarified to be false news. Tabitha is the wife of a famous finance journalist and author Michael Lewis. Lewis is Oher’s author of his autobiography “The Blind Side.” Since Tabitha’s husband and Oher share a similar initial name, it created confusion among the people.

However, this confusion settled quite soon. Hence, his true wife remains Tifanny Michelle Roy to date. Oher and Michelle also share a non-profit organization in the name Beat The Odds Inc. In this organization, the President is Michael, and the Vice-President is Michelle.

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Rae Lil black Biography and her Popularity on Social Media



Rae Lil black

Rae Lil black is a famous star on the internet. She is an actress-model and influencer by profession. She is gaining huge popularity through her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook handle. Fans love her acting and performances of her on social media. 

Further, she is the most successful YouTuber of this decade. She has plenty of fans following on all other social pages. Every day she posts various photos and interesting videos on YouTube and Instagram. Many of her fans are curious about Lil Rae black they want to know more about her. Let us take a look at the bio of Rae Lil

About Rae Lil black 

From childhood, Rae had the dream to be a top actress. Her dream to become a world-famous actress starts with watching many films. Today, many identify her as a beautiful YouTuber, gamer, actress, model and social personality. She is a pretty woman with beautiful black hair and brown eyes. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, she is gaining more success in life. 

As of now she is single and not dating anyone. Most of her Instagram posts receive millions of likes in a day. Further, through modelling and endorsing brands she earns most of her wealth. 2018 is the year in which she made her acting debut. However, born in Osaka she belongs to Japanese background. Many love, Rae Lil due to her versatile talent. Also, people love to see her exceptional acting skills and other talents on social media. 

Early life 

The early life of Rae Lil is dark as some sources say. At the age of 8 both her parents were murdered by Yakusa. After this incident, she came to America through adoption. In the United States, she spent most of her childhood. Further, she did her education and schooling in America.

 Apart from acting, she has a passion for music too. When it comes to private life she does not reveal much. The information about her parents is not known. However, the adoptive parents of Rae Lil are from America. 

Social media influence 

Even before doing any modelling or acting work Rae Lil black gained the spotlight through social media. She has Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and twitch accounts. There are millions of followers for Rae Lil on all of her social media pages. All these pages remain active to date. Further, there are pictures of this model with friends and at parties. There are revealing pictures of this star on most of these platforms. Also, Rae Lil is known for her exposing covers. She is an adult star with a fan following on the twitch account. 

On the Instagram page, there are many luxury brand endorsements for Rae Lil. All of these activities offer her great income. Further, her gaming talents are well known to many of her fans. There are separate videos of Rae that feature online game streaming. Rae has a game studio at home through which she entertains many of her fans. Moreover, beautiful appearance if Rae gains more spotlight. To achieve the perfect appearance she also went through plastic surgery. From all these facts she indeed has a great influence on social media

Physical stature 

Lil Rae black is not too tall or short. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is 55kg. When it comes to fitness she is more serious. Lil Rae is a fitness freak who follows a proper fitness routine. She eats healthy food and hits the gym every day. 

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Giselle Weber: The lawyer and ex-wife of Charlie Weber




Giselle Weber

Giselle Weber is the ex-wife of Charlie Weber. The couple got married in 2015 and got divorced in 2016. Now she is a lawyer and leading a single parent life

The life of celebrities and their partner never misses media attention. One such person is Giselle Weber, who is among people who keep their life away from media attention. Even though she has a close relationship with a celebrity, Giselle Weber remains low key. Her marriage with Charlie Weber gained her more limelight.

 The couple has kids from their marriage. However, the divorce of the couple is making Giselle return to a life that is far away from popularity. However, the reason for their split is still unknown. Since then, many have wanted to know what is going on in her life. Let us see more important details about Giselle Weber. 

Who is Giselle Weber? 

Giselle Weber is from the United States of America. As an American by nationality, her parents and siblings belong to the same country. Giselle did her college degree at Texas University. Also, she soon joined a law school in California to earn a law degree. After completing their education, she worked as a lawyer for a few years. 

Many fans love the couple. When it comes to her appearance, Giselle Weber is beautiful. She has a gorgeous look and dark brown eyes. There are no proper details about how Giselle and Charlie met each other. However, there are many photos of the couple together during their dating days. 

The engagement of Giselle Weber and Charlie Weber 

The engagement news of Giselle Weber and Charlie Weber was revealed in 2015. Since the news, many fans have searched about Giselle. Unlike Charlie Weber, his former wife Giselle is not used to the limelight. She is a lawyer by profession and has no connection with the media. As many know Charlie is used to the spotlight due to his modelling and acting career. 

Further, several legal drama series of the actor remain popular among the fans. Charlie appeared once on Steve Harvey’s show, where he revealed his proposal to Giselle. After finishing the pilot shoot of his series in Philadelphia, he proposed to her. Also, in this interview, he announces that he is taking Giselle to Bora for engagement. After this interview, Giselle Weber made headlines due to her relationship with Charlie Weber. 

Marriage of Giselle Weber 

In April 2015, Giselle Weber and Charlie tied knots. Their marriage was a private ceremony in Mexico with friends and family. After their wedding, many mutual friends congratulated the couple on social media. Also, a romantic photo of the couple at sunset earned more likes among the fans. It was indeed a beautiful and cozy marriage for the couple. 

Due to irreconcilable differences, the couple filed for divorce in 2016. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last more than 9 months. However, the divorce for the couple was smooth. Since then, there has been no drama or controversies in Giselle Weber’s life. 

Children of Giselle Weber 

Giselle Weber and Charlie share a daughter. During their marriage, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. There is only one post of their daughter on Instagram. Also, the couple did not reveal details about the name or age of their baby girl on the internet. 

However, in an interview, Charlie spoke about his daughter saying that he is trying to keep his baby as long as possible with him. He adds that she is his little angel, and all is well in his life. 

Life away from the spotlight 

After her divorce from Charlie Weber, she stayed away from popularity. As of now, she is not dating anyone and leads a single parent life. However, her ex-husband is in another relationship now. 

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Who is David Muir Gay? Is the New anchor gay?



David Muir Gay

To begin with, David Muir Gay is a celebrity in America. Further, he is a News anchor in the United States of America. David is also a journalist who works for ABC world news tonight. The news channel is based in New York City in America.

Read through the article to learn more about David Muir Gay. The article will include the personal and professional life of David Gay.

Introduction to David Muir Gay

As mentioned earlier in the article, David Muir Gay is a famous personality in America. He is a journalist in the USA. Further, he also works as a news anchor. Even more, he is the anchor of ABC world news tonight. The news channel is part of the ABC broadcast television network. Also, the television network that David works for is based in New York City. Furthermore, David’s news reporting received the most airtime in a couple of years. It was popular in 2012 and 2013. Lastly, David Muir Gay is seen as one of the genuine journalists in America.

The early life of David Muir Gay

In the first place, David Muir Gay was born in the year 1973. He celebrates his birthday in November every year. As per his birth year, the news anchor is at present forty-eight years old. Furthermore, he was born in the United States of America. His birth took place in Syracuse, New York. However, there is no information about his Zodiac sign.

Coming to his family, David had a happy childhood. He is close to his parents and siblings. Even more, he posts various photos on Instagram with his family members.

The education life of the news anchor

Firstly, David Muir Gay went to Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School. Further, David graduated from high school in the year 1991. Also, he received an internship to work at a local station. Later on, he studied journalism in college. He went to Roy H. Park School of Communication at Ithaca College. Apart from this, David also has a minor in political science.

In addition to this, David also studied the IIES at the University of Salamanca in Spain. He also interned at the Department of Health and Human Services. Finally, he returned to his hometown and started working as a news reporter.

The personal life David Muir Gay’s

Tough David Muir Gay is a famous news reporter his personal life is a mystery. He tends to keep his private life away from the limelight. Further, David’s relationship preference and status are also known.

Furthermore, a few years back there were rumours of David being gay. In fact, in 2015 it was rumored that he was dating Gio Benetiz. Gio was his former colleague of David. Also, he was rumored to have spent time with David. Tough Gio was open about his sexuality and being gay neither of them confirmed or denied the rumours. However, Gio got engaged to his alleged boyfriend Tommy DiDario. This ended the rumours of a relationship between David and Gio. Yet, the mystery of David being Gay continues. Lastly, there is no definite answer to David Muir Gay’s relationship status.

Bottom line

To sum it up, David Muir Gay is a famous news anchor. He works for the ABC television network in America. Further, he is very close to his family and siblings. But David’s personal life remains a mystery to date.

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