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How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season



How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

Preparing for the rainy season is always essential. If you live in an area with heavy rain or frequent flooding, preparation is even more crucial.

Prepare your home for rainy weather now, so you don’t have to deal with damage later. If you do end up dealing with unexpected rain damage, take the proper steps to repair your home quickly. 

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about preparing for rain and recovering when water damages your home.

Preparing For the Rainy Season 

When you know a rainy day is approaching, there are several steps you can take to prepare your home. The first thing you should do is inspect your roof. A leaky roof will leave the inside of your home vulnerable to water damage.

You should also clean your gutters. They are very vulnerable to storm damage because they are the lowest point of your house and easily collect water. 

Your gutters will work properly to redirect water as long as they are clean. 

If your government issues a storm advisory, you should also protect yourself against the wind. Seal your windows and trim your trees. Flying tree limbs can do serious damage to your house. 

If your rainy season is in the colder months, make sure your furnace is working properly. You don’t want your heating system to stop working in the midst of a cold and windy storm. 

If you live in a rural area, you should also prepare for possible power outages. Even a mild thunderstorm can cause you to lose power for an evening. 

To prepare for a power outage, make sure you have a gas generator, portable phone chargers, battery-powered flashlights, and nonperishable food items. 

Recovering From Storm Damage 

What do you do when preparedness is not enough? Sometimes you do everything right and end up with water damage anyway.

When you see water damage in your home, you should act as quickly as possible. The longer water damage remains, the more it will erode the affected parts of your home. 

According to the folks at 1-800 Water Damage, even mild floodwater can contain harmful contaminants. 

If your basement floods during a rainstorm, hire a professional to remove the water immediately. 

Water damage can also weaken the foundation of your home. It is critical to address this problem as soon as possible. 

The most common type of water damage is mold and mildew growth. While these may not seem like a huge deal at first, they also must be dealt with as quickly as possible. 

Mold and mildew are quick to spread and can take over large portions of your home before you know it. They also weaken your walls and ceilings and can cause cracks. 

Plus, they look and smell gross. If you notice mold or mildew in your home, get a professional to take care of it quickly! 

Flood Preparedness

Preparing for a flood is more rigorous than preparing for a typical rainstorm. The steps you must take depend on where you live, and the severity of an expected flood. 

If you live in a frequent flood zone, you should stay prepared all year round by buying home insurance that covers flood damage. 

Beyond that, you should make sure your most important items are always stored safely. Keep crucial documents high up and in waterproof containers. 

If possible, make sure that your front yard tilts downward away from your house. That way, as much water as possible will run away from you. 

Keep your washer, dryer, hot water tank, and furnace raised so that they are not directly on the floor. Hopefully, if your home is in a flood zone it will already be designed this way. 

Seal your basement walls to make them waterproof. The basement is the part of your house that is most likely to flood. 

If you are extremely concerned about flood damage, you should consider keeping some of your valuables in a storage unit in a less risky area. You should also save up extra money in case you need emergency lodging.

What to Do In a Flood

If a natural disaster strikes your home, you are not alone. Floods are the most fatal thunderstorm hazard. Protecting your home is important, but protecting yourself should be your first priority. 

When in doubt, live by this motto: turn around, don’t drown. Do not, under any circumstances, drive your vehicle into floodwater.

It only takes about one foot of floodwater to carry away most cars, and six inches to carry away an adult on foot. If a road is blocked off due to flooding, there is a good chance that it has collapsed under the water.

Floodwater is much more powerful than most people think it is. Avoid contact with floodwater unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Finding high ground nearby is safer than trying to move through floodwater to reach safety. 

If you are safe in your home but there is flooding around you, stay inside. Make sure that important items and electronics are stored as highly as possible. 

Keep an eye on the local news. Do not venture outside of your home until the weather reports say that it is safe. Government-aided relief efforts will be coordinated and the flood will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Who Needs Water Damage Protection?

Everyone should play it safe when it comes to water damage. If you are a homeowner, this is an especially important part of preserving your investment in your properties. 

However, there are some areas where water damage is more likely than it is in others. 

Coastal states are generally more susceptible to flooding. For instance, every county in California has had more than one flood emergency. 

Those who live close to the Gulf of Mexico should be especially cautious about flood protection. These states are often hit by hurricanes and tropical storms.

Hurricane Katrina, one of the most famous natural disasters of this century, wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. Every homeowner in that area of the United States should have flood insurance if possible. 

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, you should also be especially careful. Some parts of the Pacific Northwest, like Seattle, are prone to excessive rainfall. 

Even if that rainfall does not cause flooding, it can still damage your property. If you live in a heavy rainfall area, you should be vigilant about checking your house for signs of water damage. 

Keep an especially close eye on your roof and ceilings. Excessive rain can easily damage your roof and cause mildew to sneak into your house.

Other Causes of Water Damage

Flooding and rainwater are not the only things that can cause water damage. Snow can cause a lot of damage to your home as well. 

If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, you need to prepare just as much as someone who lives in a rainy or tropical climate. 

Snow accumulates on top of your house in the winter, and when it eventually melts there can be trouble. It’s important to clean snow off your roof consistently throughout the winter. 

If you don’t want to do that yourself, or your roof is not easily accessible, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to do it for you.  

Cold weather can also cause water damage in other ways. A burst pipe can quickly wreak havoc on your home. 

To keep your pipes from bursting, take proper care of them in the winter months. As soon as temperatures start dipping below freezing, keep a little warm water running through them at night. 

If you’re going on a winter vacation or spending any period of time away from your house, ask a neighbor to check in and run water through your pipes. 

One other type of water damage is a sewage leak. Sewage leaks most often come from worn or broken pipes, and will most likely show up first in your basement. 

Sewage leaks are not only odorous but dangerous and unsanitary too. Hire a professional to deal with sewage problems immediately. 

Make Sure You’re Covered

The rainy season is just one common cause of water damage. If your home is affected by water damage of any kind, don’t wait it out! Hire a professional to take care of it. 

To protect your home and safety, make sure you are always prepared for storms and flooding. 

For more home tips, check out the rest of our blog!

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5 Common Roof Problems & How to Avoid Them



Common Roof Problems

A roof problem could create significant damage to your home. Water damage from a leaky roof can damage all the wood on your walls and floors, as well as damage your furniture, too.

What kind of solution can you use for roof issues?

There are many different roof problems for homeowners to look out for, and we’ll share them with you in this article.

How to Avoid the Most Common Roof Problems

If you’re concerned you might have one, then keep reading to find out more about all the common roof problems and how to prevent them.

  1. Avoid Roof Leaks

One of the most common roof problems is leaks. Leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, like damage, wear & tear, or improper installation.

To avoid roof leaks if you’re doing home improvement, it’s also important to avoid roof problems when remodeling due to improper installation. It’s also important to have a well-maintained and inspected roof.

Inspect your roof regularly for any signs of damage, and have any problems repaired right away.

  1. Avoid Roof Debris Build-Up

Leaves, twigs, and other organic matter can accumulate on your roof and clog your gutters, causing water to back up and causing damage to your roof.

To avoid this, make sure to clean your gutters regularly and remove any debris from your roof. 

  1. Avoid Roof Snow and Ice Buildup

Most homeowners are unaware of the potential problems that excessive snow and ice can cause to their roofs. If not properly removed, snow and ice can lead to leaks, water damage, and even collapse.

Another problem that can be caused by snow on your roof is ice dams. These occur when the snow melts and then refreezes, creating a dam that can prevent water from draining off your roof. This can lead to leaks and other damage to your roof.

To avoid these problems, it is important to remove snow and ice from your roof regularly. 

  1. Avoid Roof Moss and Algae Growth

Moss and algae growth on roofs is a common problem, but there are ways to avoid it. Moss thrives in moist, shady areas, so make sure your roof is well-ventilated and sunny. Keep trees trimmed away from your roof to avoid shading, and clear away any leaves or debris that could hold moisture.

Algae love warm, humid conditions, so make sure your roof is cool and dry. Keep gutters clean and free of debris, and repair any leaks or damage that could let water in. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help you prevent moss and algae growth on your roof.

  1. Avoid Roof Wind Damage

Most roof damage is caused by weather, specifically high winds. A common cause of wind damage on roofs is missing or damaged shingles. When shingles are missing or damaged, they can no longer protect your roof from the elements. Another common problem is loose or missing flashing.

Roof flashing is what helps to seal the gaps around your chimney and vents. If it is loose or missing, wind can get under your shingles and cause damage.

Prevention is the Way to Go

Inspect your roof regularly to look for any signs of damage. If you notice any roof problems, have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage, especially if you live in an area where high winds are common, it is also important to have your roof anchored to your home.

For more useful home care and lifestyle tips, check out our blog today.

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5 Common Home Inspection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



Home Inspection Mistakes

You’re about to go into contract. You’re only a few weeks away from closing on the house, so you’ve been checking out any problems that you can find with it. You’ve had a home inspector check out the house by now.

You need to know common home inspection mistakes to avoid these problems before you close on the house. Let’s look into some common mistakes that homeowners make.

1. Hiring an Unqualified Home Inspector

One of the most common mistakes during a home inspection is not bringing in a professional. Many people try to save money by performing their own inspection or hiring someone who is not qualified. This is a huge mistake in home inspection process that can end up costing a lot more money in the long run.

You can check out the qualifications of the inspectors from Guardian Inspections to find out more about these qualifications. 

2. Not Being Present During the Home Inspection

Another common mistake is not being present during the inspection. It is important to be present so that you can ask questions and understand what is being reported.

Make sure to get a written report. A written report will provide a detailed account of the condition of the home and any potential issues.

3. Failing to Understand the Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report is a critical document that can help you avoid making common mistakes when purchasing a home. However, many people fail to understand the report and what it means. To avoid making mistakes when interpreting your home inspection report, make sure you understand the inspection process and what the inspector is looking for.

Pay attention to the details in the report, including any photos or diagrams. Lastly, if you have any questions about the report, be sure to ask the inspector for clarification. 

4. Relying on the Home Inspector 

Relying on the home inspector to find everything is not a good idea. The home inspector is not responsible for finding everything that is wrong with the home, but they will do their best to identify any major problems.

It is important to remember that the home inspector is not a magician, and they cannot see everything. It is always best to follow up with a licensed contractor.

5. Thinking the Home Inspection is a Pass/Fail Test

The reality is that the home inspection is simply an opportunity for the buyer to learn more about the condition of the property before making a final decision. While the inspector may identify some minor defects, it is important to remember that most homes are not perfect.

The key is to focus on the major defects that could potentially impact the safety, structural integrity, or value of the home. If the buyer is not comfortable with the condition of the home, they should walk away from the deal.

Avoid These Common Home Inspection Mistakes

Although a home inspection is not required when buying a home, it is highly recommended. Hiring a professional inspector to check for structural damage, cracks, leaks, pests, and other common problems can save you from costly repairs down the road. There are a few common home inspection mistakes people make, but by following a few simple tips, you can avoid them and have a successful inspection.

Looking for other great articles about a variety of topics? Then make sure to check out the rest of our blog and know more!

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How to fit shelves in the wardrobe?



How to fit shelves in the wardrobe

Kitchen closets are used to store kitchen gear such as utensils and food. It is the most effective method for removing the disorderly look from your kitchen. The cleaner your kitchen is, the easier it is to work in. The creation of a kitchen closet is a task that is dependent on particular advancements. You may easily build a kitchen closet if the recommendations are followed correctly. These methods are used to create a Wardrobe in Dubai kitchens since it is a significant part of the kitchen. The installation of shelves is better to increase room for storage.

Steps for Installing Shelves

There are certain steps to installing shelves for a double wardrobe

Measurements of Shelves

The first thing that is necessary to do is the measurement of the wardrobe where you want to install shelves. Use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of the shelves according to the walls of the wardrobe. Once you are done with the measurements, draw the line on the wood to give them proper shape. You can use the wood of your desire. Always do proper measurements to avoid problems. 

Cutting of Shelves

 The next step is the cutting of plywood or any solid wood in the shape of shelves. You can use the wood of your desire. Plywood is less hard than solid wood. Always use that wood that will be easy for you to cut. The use of wood depends on the use of the wardrobe. Use a chainsaw or any woodcutter to cut shelves into the appropriate shape. Also, cut cleats for the support of the shelves to support them along the backside. 

Paint Job

Paint all the shelves and cleats according to the color of the main color of structure or drawer wardrobeUse any kind of good paint that will not harm your stuff. Make sure it cannot leave a stain on your stuff. Always use the best quality paint. 

Installation of Cleats

The installation of cleats in Wardrobe in Dubai is based on particular steps that could be as follow:

  • Measure the height of the cleat from the floor and mark the spot with the help of chalk or pencil.
  • Keep a particular distance between each cleat according to your intended height.
  • With the help of a level draw a straight line on the walls of the wardrobe.
  • The next step is the use of studs. Locate studs on the marked areas. Use them on all sides of the walls of the wardrobe.
  • Use nails or screws to attach the cleats to the walls of the wardrobe. 
  • Make sure you tighten them so much that they can keep heavy materials.
  • Place your shelves on the cleats and you are done.

There are some other techniques for installing shelves as well. You can use hooks on the side of the wardrobe walls. You can buy them from the store as they are common. These hooks are available in different sizes depending on the weight of the stuff. You can choose the ones which are suitable for your wardrobe

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