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Top 10 Six Sigma Certification in India



Six Sigma Certification in India

Across the globe, Six Sigma Certification is increasing in popularity every day. Over the last few years, Six Sigma Certification in India has grown in popularity. In order to determine whether Six Sigma Certification is a good fit, we have looked at various options. 

You can get 6 Sigma Green Belt training in India for all levels of certification, including Six Sigma.

To understand Six Sigma certification in India in detail, let’s look at how Six Sigma has evolved. Knowing how Six Sigma is applied in almost every industry will also give you a better understanding of why Six Sigma Certification is on the increase across the globe. Henry Harvin is one of the pioneer training institutes in India providing six sigma courses in depth.

Introduction & Evolution of Six Sigma

Through the development of Six Sigma, a variety of different tools, techniques, and best practices were created. As a problem-solving method, Six Sigma has traditionally been applied to production and product environments. The application has also been used to improve other business functions in addition to process improvement. Redesigning products or processes, conducting research and technology design, renewing offerings portfolios, turning around products, and managing post-launch operations are among these areas.

In addition to manufacturing, Six Sigma is used in non-profit organizations and the service industry. In any case, businesses seek simplicity while maintaining a high level of data quality. You can select from a variety of Six Sigma methods and tools. As a result of Six Sigma methods, you can change methods according to changing requirements of the environment but still build from a common core. Due to the availability of multiple possible tools, the flexibility can be determined based on different circumstances. 

It is a methodology for reducing the number of variations in processes, reducing defects, and improving processes in order to improve quality. Since its evolution, Six Sigma has been evolving according to market conditions & time constraints. In the beginning, Six Sigma was all about reducing defects, then costs, and so forth. Now it is focused on creating value by enhancing the process capabilities, reducing the wastes of industry, and creating a product with the least possible cost.

Six Sigma evolved from a methodology to a metric, to a management system. In addition to training on Six Sigma as a metric and as a methodology, Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, Champions, and Sponsors are rarely given the opportunity to learn Six Sigma as an overall management system. As a management method, Six Sigma is better understood when the metrics and methodology are reviewed.

Six Sigma metrics are at the core of Six Sigma methodology. Measurement and evaluation of process performance are performed by practitioners of Six Sigma. By applying DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology, they identify and eliminate or reduce errors and variations found during the process of analyzing processes. To ensure that improvements are sustained, controls are implemented following their implementation. Since its implementation, DMAIC methodologies have been used by various organizations to improve quality and profitability.

Six Sigma Certification Levels in India

 Six Sigma certification in India is available at three levels. The list goes like this:

  1. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  2. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  3. Master Black Belt in Six Sigma 

India’s Best Six Sigma Training Institutes

Six Sigma training has a reasonably high demand. This article lists the best Six Sigma training institutes in India. Professionals in India seeking Six Sigma certification can enroll in specially designed training courses. It is difficult for students to choose the right Six Sigma course provider because there are so many in India and throughout the world. Over 100 institutes in India claim to be Six Sigma Certification Bodies. Let us limit our attention to those institutes that are certified by international standardization companies.

No.1: Henry Harvin Education

India’s largest Edtech company is Henry Harvin Education. Online and offline education are available on the site, and its specializations include training, content services, consulting, upskilling, and higher education, mostly in India and the United States.

Among professional training organizations, Training 360 ranked Henry Harvin Six Sigma Certification first. With the focus on experiential learning, they use a mix of techniques aligned with their unique pedagogy GCAO to provide 100% practical training.

At Henry Harvin, you can work on real-world projects, get a guaranteed internship, receive weekly job support, attend monthly brush-up sessions, and receive interview skills training.

Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, HostBooks, Inc., NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, and 12+ IIMs, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Calcutta, as well as 7+ IITs, including IIT Bombay and IIT Dehradun, trust it.

The Henry Harvin Institute is a certified training and consulting organization offering courses globally. Their training focuses on delivering results and teaching students techniques to get accurate results and to optimize costs.

In addition to training, skill development, assessment, content development, and higher education, Henry Harvin Company also provides content services. It is an ISO 29990:2010 certified organization and has been audited by the UKAF, UK Cert, and MSME. A ranking by Business Standard ranked Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma training course #1 among the top 5 in India today

Henry Harvin® Education has so far trained 23,000+ learners, conducted 1,100+ batches, and partnered with 150+ colleges. A variety of industry-rooted trainers are available, along with a learning management system (LMS), recorded videos, and GCAO pedagogy centered on the industry. Among six sigma certification options in India, this is the best.

In Henry Harvin, six sigma certification consists mainly of four types: 

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Analysis of problems and problem-solving skills are developed as a result. As a result, you become more analytical. 

In this chapter, DMAIC techniques (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) are emphasized. 

Henry Harvin provides you with the ultimate approach to Six Sigma Green Belt training. Analyzing statistics is something you can cultivate. Henry Harvin can also sharpen your business acumen and commitment to process improvement. You develop customer-centric skills as well. 

Using live projects and case studies, Henry Harvin provides 28 hours of training to help you expedite your knowledge. 

  1. Six Sigma Black Belt Training 

Those striving for advancement to mid- or senior-level management can apply for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification, which is the most prestigious of all Six Sigma credentials. Participants will be able to show the CSSE Hallmark next to their names and distinguish their profiles with the global credential of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: CSSE-BB after passing the CSSE-BB Certification Exam (Certified Six Sigma Executive Black Belt). Mr. Ram Gopal (CSSE-BB) is a good example. 

  1. Six Sigma training in IT

IT companies are embracing it more strongly to improve services and processes. By using data-driven approaches, Six Sigma eliminates defects in all IT processes. This DMAIC Methodology is the answer to all questions in the IT sector. IT Six Sigma focuses on process improvements, both internal processes like network speeds and reliability as well as external processes such as order processing, customer service, etc.

D. Master Black Belt Course in Six Sigma

This course provides a complete understanding of the DMAIC and DMADV methodologies, with the candidate gaining an extensive understanding of the DMAIC and DMADV methods. As a result of direct interaction with the analytical tools, the candidate will gain valuable knowledge

Through World-class Certified Trainers and an acknowledged Certificate, Henry Harvin® offers candidates an enhanced understanding of Lean Six Sigma.

It is considered the ultimate leadership qualification that secures Senior Management and other stakeholders’ buy-in to an organization that has strong leadership qualities.

Key perspectives about Henry Harvin Six sigma green belt certification in India

  • Professionals from Multinational companies will deliver the course to students.
  • A 28-hour intensive training session is being provided
  • If you miss any classes, you will be provided with recorded videos.
  • For working professionals, weekend classes are available
  • You will be able to schedule a time that is convenient for them.
  • It costs about 15750 to take the self-paced course, and 17500 to take the live class. 
  • A 12-month brush-up would be provided online each month.
  • Multinational companies will present you with live projects
  • A total of 20+ management tools will be used to explore, analyze, and solve management problems during the interactive session
  • It increases your awareness of the business process and your zeal to improve it
  • You will be able to develop your leadership skills
  • Once the final assessment is completed, you will be given a certificate of completion.
  • In addition to e-learning access, Henry Harvin offers internships, job, and interview opportunities through its membership program.
  • Across Henry Harvin’s various modules, such as resume writing and soft skills development, you can explore and grab job opportunities in a competitive world.
  • Henry Harvin and its partners are offering you the opportunity to apply for internships
  • You will be regularly notified by email about job openings
  • Maintain your PMP certification by earning 33 PDUs (Professional Development Units)
  • Free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions

These are some of the major cities in India where Henry Harvin offers Six Sigma courses:

Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Patna, Chandigarh, Lucknow 

No.2: American Society for Quality

There are off-the-shelf and customized programs from ASQ with proficient quality practitioners from various industries, as well as courses designed with different learning styles in mind. To maintain the highest level of accuracy and relevance, their training is designed, developed, and peer-reviewed by industry experts. Experts with decades of experience in the field teach their courses. ASQ can provide training solutions to any business, anywhere in the world

Key perspectives about ASQ Six sigma green belt certification in India 

ASQ India provides;

  1. Green Belt (SSGB) Course Duration is 8 days
  2. Black Belt (SSBB) Course duration is 15 days
  3. Classes are held over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune offer weekend classroom training. Through WebEx (web-based delivery), distance learning from any part of the country is possible.

In collaboration with IIT Kharagpur, ASQ South Asia has created a unique on-campus residential program to build capability in LEAN and Six Sigma (Green and Black belt).

No.3: Benchmark Six Sigma

From 2001 to the present, Benchmark Six Sigma has been offering LEAN Six Sigma programs in different parts of India. In addition to hundreds of LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt programs, hundreds of Black Belt programs, scores of unique Business Excellence competencies, and fourteen Master Black Belt programs, Benchmark has implemented over 500 LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt programs. Thousands of corporate leaders list their names on their profiles. Benchmark operates a learning network that is among the largest in the world.

Key perspectives about Benchmark Six sigma green belt certification in India 

  • Experts from the industry will serve as their trainers
  • They provide instructors-led, live online training 24 hours per day
  • Interactions with trainees one-on-one
  • You will be able to get all your questions answered before moving on
  • A hundred percent chance of employment
  • Live online assistance with your project
  • To help you learn, case studies, questions banks, and videos are provided
  • A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the course.

No.4 GreyCampus

It enables working professionals to acquire skills and certifications through its global training programs. 

During this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, participants prepare for the Certification Exam in Six Sigma (IASSC-CBB – Certified Black Belt).Students will be able to implement, perform, interpret, and apply Lean Six Sigma at a high level through the integration of Lean and DMAIC methodologies defined by the IASSC.

Key perspectives about Greycampus Six sigma green belt certification in India 

  • You will achieve standard growth as a management professional by learning error elimination and risk reduction
  • There are three simulated exams and 3/4 days of instructor-led training, and IASSC exam (Optional), and they offer 141 study hours of self-paced training (approx.) and 160 study hours of live-online training (approx.).
  • In addition to receiving a green belt certification, you will be able to prepare for certification by IASSC.
  • A person can learn six sigma methodologies and six sigma concepts like DMAIC, thus developing their skills in six sigma.
  • It includes all the study materials, additional lectures and videos, question banks, and simulated tests.
  • Multiple assignments during training sessions will help you retain your skills and knowledge

 No.5: KPMG Learning Academy 

There are a variety of training topics offered by the KPMG Learning Academy in India. Various examples from different sectors are provided by senior professionals as experiential learning.

Lean Six Sigma concepts for heterogeneous setups are thoroughly discussed, as well as statistical tools for effective fact-based decision-making.

Using the program, participants can handle large transformation projects independently, mentor team members, and strategize organizational growth by processes.

Key perspectives about  KPMG Learning Academy  Six sigma green belt certification in India 

  • KPMG in India offers a 56-hour, eight-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program
  • A total of four days will be spent in each phase, with an in-between gap of three to four weeks to ensure participants can adapt to the concepts and practice more effectively.
  • Individuals can drive performance improvement in their teams and improve their leadership skills and decision-making capabilities.
  • Project management techniques are improved.
  • An employee’s competency levels are improved through training and they will be able to land better jobs.

No.6: AIG

The Advance Innovation Group provides training on Lean Six Sigma as well as systems for management implementation. 

Globally, they provide certification, training, and examination programs alongside expertise in several areas including quality management, service management, risk management, etc.

Key perspectives about  AIG  Six sigma green belt certification in India

  • Rather than focusing on theory, the AIG Green Belt Training Program emphasizes practical skills instead.
  • There are 6 sessions every week and the course lasts 40 hours
  • You will be taught the DMAIC concepts and will learn the mythologies and techniques of Six Sigma during this program.
  • Training is offered online, virtually, and in-person according to the needs.
  • Industry-experienced trainers
  • You will be trained on live data analysis using Minitab
  • For self-assessment and practice, question banks are provided
  • Following completion of the course, 100% job placement support will be provided
  • If you meet all the training requirements, you’ll receive a certificate.

No.7: IIBM institute of business management

IIBM Institute of Business Management offers a Six Sigma Green Belt Course in India, enabling you to work across a variety of customers, arrangements, and businesses. As a result of the sheer range of industries in which they work, and since the Academy’s purpose is to make this incredible assemblage of information accessible through learning contributions, they work in proficient administrations across cost divisions. 

Key perspectives about IIBM  Six sigma green belt certification in India 

  • The curriculum in this course will be taught by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certified instructor who has handled live projects.
  • In this course, you will get valuable information about documents and formats that you can keep and use in the future during any live project you perform
  • For the first time, students without any prior experience can pursue the green belt and black belt at the same time to earn the internationally recognized Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.
  • Examples of fundamental projects will be presented to the students
  • A certificate will be awarded to each student after the course is completed. One certificate is issued upon successful completion of all training requirements, while the other is awarded upon completion of the live project.

No.8: VarSigma

One of the leading training consultants, VarSigma offers training in all six sigma levels as well as courses in data analytics, risk management, and digital leadership. In addition, they were more focused on job-oriented courses that would improve an individual’s employability skills.

Key perspectives about Varsigma Six sigma green belt certification in India 

  • Training sessions are conducted by industry experts with over 15 years of experience.
  • A total of 63 hours are spent on it, including online and offline sessions;
  • Various modules are available, including e-learning, quizzes, question banks, etc.
  • Learn lean six sigma methodologies, techniques, and concepts in-depth.
  • Depending on your needs, sessions will be scheduled.

No.9: Lean Six Sigma Institute

In comparison to the live online and classroom sessions, the Lean Six Sigma Institute (LSSI) allows students a half year to complete the self-paced preparation and can save more than half on self-guided materials.

Key perspectives about Lean Six sigma green belt certification in India

  • The course lasts 6 months and is self-paced
  • Support for Lean Six Sigma practitioners is available through the community.
  • Taking your training using a smartphone, tablet, or PC is possible.
  • You can also hire a coach if needed to supplement your training in addition to receiving a significant discount over instructor-led courses.
  • Having a six sigma certification would help you get a discount on this course
  • In addition to the Belt, you must submit a Lean Six Sigma project that shows lean practices to get Lean International certification.

No.10: NIQC International Private Limited

In 2008, NIQC became one of the leading providers of Lean Six Sigma courses, qualifications, and business consulting services. By providing leaders and organizations with efficient and effective Lean Six Sigma programs, NIQC prepares them to develop a competitive advantage. This course is called Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Key perspectives about NIQC International Private Limited Six sigma green belt certification in India 

  • You will learn how DMIAC functions in-depth as well as detailed information about lean six sigma tools, techniques, and methodologies in this course.
  • Approximately six days are required for the course. On Saturdays, they offer virtual classes
  • You can use it to implement all the concepts in a real-time environment.
  • Using strategies, helps you handle projects effectively
  • By analyzing the source of the error, you can prevent consistent errors from occurring
  • By using optimal resources, you can complete the project with minimum defects, bringing about business gains.


Additionally to training Six Sigma practitioners in India, online courses are used around the world to train Six Sigma practitioners at their own pace. When it comes to obtaining the best Six Sigma green belt certification in India, Henry Harvin’s training is worthwhile. This is because their six sigma certification courses are beneficial to busy professionals who don’t have the time to devote to getting Six Sigma Certification in India. One of the major reasons I endorse this professional organization is that it provides mentors that can help you find both. Henry Harvin Six Sigma training program is a good quality online course that you can take if you want to get certified in Six Sigma.

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Designing Remote Employee Experiences



Designing Remote Employee Experiences

Mostly because we’re still in it, it’s a challenge to assess the breadth of disruption the pandemic has caused. Between an uncertain economy and sporadic lockdowns, the workplace, and thus the employee experience, has been turned on its head. What is certain, though, is that organizations are increasingly reliant upon digitalization, agility, and remote working. 

But thriving in this new environment is more nuanced than simply providing employees with a new desk and computer. In this tight labor market, in which you still must attract and retain employees while keeping an eye on costs, an overarching, multifaceted strategy is necessary. Keep reading for what you should know about designing remote employee experiences.

What is Meant by Employee Experience?

Boiled down, the employee experience captures what individuals perceive, view, and encounter during their tenure at an organization.

Why is the Employee Experience Important?

There are many reasons, but in the main, a great employee experience results in increased productivity, which positively affects your bottom line. Looked at another way, the economic burden of disengaged employees in the United States is as much as $550 billion annually.

A superior employee experience also decreases absences, improves recruitment and retention, and increases creativity. See this quote from the book, The Happiness Advantage: “Only 25 percent of job success is based upon IQ. Seventy-five percent is about how your brain believes your behavior matters, connects to other people, and manages stress.”

It should also be noted that a nice pay and benefits package is no longer the end all, be all, in terms of luring employees and getting them to stay. Even before COVID-19, employees had begun to require other rewards, such as “flex time” and, yes, remote work. This has all been part of the now accelerated HR transformation

Designing Remote Employee Experiences 

There are things you should focus on when designing the employee experience in the remote work era, according to MIT Management. Those include:

Moving from survival to redesign. Many organizations have spent the brunt of the pandemic in crisis mode of sorts, essentially just trying to keep the boat, and everyone in it, afloat. Now that we’re two years in, companies can begin reimagining the employee experience — learning what remote workers need to thrive. This will require a lot of listening.

Shifting from “saviors” to processes and systems. Instead of depending on your people to constantly go the extra mile to find ways to deliver, put processes and systems, including digitization, in place that can consistently deliver for clients, and can remedy more complicated issues. Since employees are working from home, this technological edge is timely.

Putting yourself in your employees’ shoes. Remote work is a big adjustment as it is; the last thing employees need are leaders who aren’t empathetic. The workplace dynamic has changed. While you want the culture to be as “normal” as possible, it’s unproductive to pretend nothing’s changed. Perhaps you can schedule regular leadership check-ins and conduct more frequent employee surveys.

Creating teams. Remote workers feel more involved, more connected, and are more engaged if you put them on relatively small teams with specific goals. Perhaps you can have team members periodically report on their work directly to management.

Designing remote employee experiences requires a long view of your workforce and your organization. It also requires outside help. The consultant Mercer has what it takes to get out in front of what is an evolving situation, one in which at least a portion of your workforce, if not a majority, will continue to work remotely. And these employees’ experiences matter, if you want to effectively recruit and retain, that is. Leave it to experts to help you, which will free you to focus on your core business.

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4 Inflatable Lake Toys That Will Keep You Entertained All Summer



Entertained All Summer

Do you want an unforgettable lake vacation this summer? If so, this article is here to help!

In recent years, lake vacations have become one of the most popular vacation ideas around the world. It’s no surprise, as there are over 240 million lakes in the US. Each one is packed with natural beauty or exciting water activities.

No matter what equipment you bring to a lake, you will have a fun experience. But to get the most out of your upcoming trip, you must bring the best inflatable lake toys.

So, what are the best big inflatable lake toys?

Keep reading until the end to find out!

1. An Inflatable Island

An inflatable island is an icon for summer fun!

These islands give you access to the thrills of cannonballing into the waters. Or a relaxing space with sun loungers and a spot where you can get your feet wet.

Floating islands have enough space for up to six of your best friends or favorite family members.

Just don’t forget to bring ice-cold drinks with you before you set off!

2. A Floating Trampoline

Trampolines are fun on land, but they’re twice as fun on the lake!

On a floating trampoline, you can climb, bounce and jump off into the waters. Slides are attached to most modern floating trampolines so you can make a splash and cool off in the lake.

They have enough space for all your friends and family. And all the new friends you make who want to use your large inflatable lake toys.

3. Banana Boat Tubes

If you don’t like getting wet, this isn’t the inflatable for you.

Banana boat tubes are one of the most thrill-seeking activities at a lake or beach. They get their name from their similar looks to a banana. They’re long, skinny, and bright yellow.

These tubes are dragged along by a jet ski or a boat. On board, you hang on for your life as it bumps its way over every wave and changes direction at high speeds. 

4. A Walk On Water Ball

Since the turn of the century, walk-on water balls have exploded into life. After only a few minutes inside one, you’ll understand why.

These balls effectively give you the superpower of walking on water. Once inside, you can run, jump and fall without splashing a drop of water on yourself. 

They’re great fun for all the family no matter what the age. Adults will feel like kids again once inside.

Have Fun With Inflatable Lake Toys That Will Keep You Entertained All Summer

Summer is all about having fun in the outdoors. And there’s nothing more exciting than a day at the lake!

But to get the most out of your adventure, you must bring the best inflatable lake toys. 

Now you know what toys to bring. So all that’s left is to select the best destination for you or your family and plan a vacation!

If you need some inspiration, check out the travel section of our in-depth blog!

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Stuck with Coding? Python Online Course Has Solution For You



Stuck with Coding Python Online Course Has Solution For You

In a survey, edging out Java this year Python has risen in the ranks of programming languages and standing as the second most loved language and as the fastest-growing major programming language. This is the main reason many students are opting for a python online course.

Why choose Python?

So what makes Python such a destination? As there are many languages out there. The answer is that many people enjoy its flexibility. There are multiple paradigms that are accessible to Python developers, including popular object-oriented programming. So it’s better to learn python online in this era of Information Technology.

Configuring Python:

More people are starting with the language than ever before as Python’s popularity continues to rise. Emerged as a first-class citizen in modern software development, infrastructure management, and data analysis, Python has become one of the best languages over the past few years. It simplifies many kinds of work, from system automation to working in cutting-edge fields like machine learning and you can master this language only if you join python online training.

Learn Python online:

To learn python online course is a worthy alternative if you don’t have time to attend a physical coding school or you want to save money. There are many websites that offer a wide variety of courses you can choose from for learning python at your own pace. Subjects range from design to business to photography.

The online Python course for beginners is for complete beginners to programming. The course teaches you how to use Python to extract data from the web and work with databases, after a general introduction to programming. Knowing how to work with IDE software, which stands for the integrated development environment, is essential for any coder. This course from python programming online teaches you the basics of Python with PyCharm, which is one of the most widely used IDEs for the language.

What is best for you?

An online portal full of new and regularly updated courses mostly focused on data science for R and Python languages is the best site to learn python. These websites offer the different skill and career tracks for Python, consisting of multiple courses with a particular focus, be it programming, data analytics, or Data Science Full Course. This site is worthwhile for both new coders and developers looking to brush up on their skills. Python online course certification is perfect if you’re looking for an introduction to computer science with Python.

Real instructors from the best website to learn python teach the course through a combination of lecture videos, readings, and assignments. You’ll be expected to take tests and complete a final project like a typical college class.

Want to build websites and web apps but also want to learn Python? You can do both with this course from python Bootcamp online. Over here you’ll learn the basics of building mobile-friendly interactive websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The best course to learn python online:

This is an incredibly comprehensive course from the best online course to learn python. You’ll also be taught the fundamentals of computer science and the theories behind programming, including variables, operators, data structures, error handling, and data structures, along with the grasp of Python.

Python is easy to learn and use:

Python lets newcomers pick it up quickly. Developers spend less time thinking about language complexities or deciphering code left by others but more time is spent thinking about the problem they’re trying to solve. The online course that makes you learn all these properties of python is the best online python course.

What Python is used for:

Python has the most basic use case and that is as a scripting and automation language. Only the tip of the iceberg with Python represents by scripting and automation. At python online training the instructors are always ready to help understand its usage.

Data science and machine learning with Python:

With the help of python online classes, you will learn Data science and machine as we all know that sophisticated data analysis has become one of the fastest-moving areas of IT and one of Python’s star use cases.

Metaprogramming and code generation in Python:

Everything in the language is an object in Python, including Python modules and libraries themselves. It works as a highly efficient code generator. Making it possible to write applications that manipulate their own functions. And have the kind of extensibility that would be difficult or impossible to pull off in other languages.

Why learn Python 3?

This coding language is available in two versions, which are different enough to trip up many new users. Python 2 will receive official updates through 2020 as the older “legacy” branch, and it might persist unofficially after that. Python 3’s current and future incarnation has many useful and important features not found in Python 2, such as new syntax features e.g., the “walrus operator”. That’s why more and more students learn python 3 online. The best choice for new projects in Python 3; there is no reason to pick Python 2 unless you have no choice. But if really want to go for python 3 then the python online course is there to help you.

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