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Meet Rikkie Leigh Robertson, the Ex-wife of Quintanilla III



rikkie leigh robertson

To begin with, Rikkie Leigh Robertson is a famous model. Further, she is also the ex-wife of a celebrity in America. Rikkie Robertson was married to a famous record producer. The name of her husband is Quintanilla III.

Read through the article to learn more about Rikkie Robertson. The article will include information on Rikkie and her husband. Furthermore, the information will be on the personal and professional life of the couple.

Quintanilla Ex-Wife Quick Wikis – Biography

Personal Info ✔
✔ Name Rikkie Leigh Robertson
✔ Profession(s) American Model
✔ Birthday March 14, 1988
✔ Age 33 Years (As of 2021)
✔ Gender Female
✔ Birthplace Corpus Christi, TX
✔ Nationality American
✔ Famous as American celebrity spouse & Quintanilla Ex-Wife
✔ Height 5′ 7″ (167 cm)
✔ Zodiac Sign Pisces
✔ Net Worth $3 million (As of 2021)
Family (Children & Siblings) ✔
✔ Children N/A
✔ Partners N/A
Relationships & Kids ✔
✔ Marital Status Married
✔ Husband A.B. Quintanilla III (m. 2011)

Introduction of Rikkie Leigh Robertson

As stated previously in the article, Rikkie Robertson is a model in America. But her popularity comes from being the ex-wife of a celebrity. In other words, Rikkie and Quintanilla was a former couple. Further, Quintanilla is a famous record producer.

The early life of Rikkie Robertson and Quintanilla 

  • Rikkie Leigh Robertson 

In the first place, the birth of Rikkie took place in the year 1988. Further, her full date of birth is 14th March 1988. As per the date of birth, the model is currently thirty-three years old. Also, Rikkie Robertson birth took place in Texas. The model was born in a town called Corpus Christi in Texas, USA. Lastly, the model and host Rikkie Robertson belong to the Aries zodiac sign.

  • Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III

In the first place, the full name of the record producer is Abraham Isaac Quintanilla. He was born in the year 1963. Further, Quintanilla III full date of birth is 13TH December 1988.

As per his date of birth, he is currently fifty-seven years old. Also, the birth of the record producer took place in Washington. Quintanilla was born in Toppenish of Washington state, USA. Lastly, the record producer’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

A note on the family life of Rikkie Robertson and Quintanilla III

To begin with, there is little information about the family life of the couple. Furthermore, Rikkie Robertson is a private person. Over the years, she has not disclosed any information about her family. However, Rikkie belongs to a Christian family in America.

On the other hand, Quintanilla III family life is also a secret. But he belongs to a big family in America. The record producer grew up with two siblings. Further, Quintanilla is one of the three children of Abraham Jr. The names of his two siblings are Selena Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla. Furthermore, he is the eldest of three children.

What does Rikkie Robertson do for a living? 

As stated earlier in the article, Rikkie Robertson is a model. She began working as a model from a young age. In the years to come, she worked with famous brands. Rikkie picture has also appeared in popular magazines. In addition to modelling, Rikkie is also a host. In recent time, she has begun her career in acting. 

The career of A.B. Quintanilla III 

Coming to the career of A.B. Quintanilla, he is a successful record producer. Further, Quintanilla learnt to play an instrument at a young age. He along with his siblings plays guitar and bass. Later on, he became part of a family music band called Los Dinos. In addition to going to the band, he also began his career as a producer.

Quintanilla debut as a record producer was for his sister Selena. Also, the siblings co-wrote a couple of songs. The titles of the songs are Coma la Flor and Amor Prohibido. However, in the year 1995, Selena passed away. Losing a sister was hard for the producer. Quintanilla took a break from his career. But in 1999, Quintanilla restarted his career. In the years to come he become successful. 

As a record producer, Quintanilla has worked with a famous artist. One such notable work of the producer is Kumbia Kings. Lastly, he also signed with DEL records in 2016. The record label released its first single in 2017. The single is called Pina Colada shoots.

When did Rikkie Robertson and Quintanilla marriage take place?

In the first place, Quintanilla was in a relationship with three women. Rikkie Robertson is the former wife of Rikkie. But before marrying Rikkie, Quintanilla was in a relationship. So, Rikkie was the second wife of the record producer. Further, his first wife name is Vangie. He also had eight children before meeting Rikkie. Rikkie and Quintanilla dated for a long time. Later on, they tied the knot in presence of family and friends. 

The wedding of Rikkie and Quintanilla took place in the year 2011. The couple was in wedlock for five years. Later on, due to personal reasons, they parted ways. In the year 2016, Rikkie and Quintanilla divorce took place. However, the couple did not give birth to any children.

Furthermore, Rikkie Robertson is currently single. On the other hand, Quintanilla is in a relationship. His current wife is an Argentinian woman. The name of his third wife is Anjelah O. Their wedding took place on September 16, 2019.

What is the net worth of the model Rikkie Robertson?

The model, Rikkie Robertson is a private person. Furthermore, she is also not active on social media. Hence there is no clear information about her net worth. However, certain sources estimate her net worth to be in five figures. In other words, Rikkie Robertson net worth is $3 million (As of 2021).

On the other hand, A.B. Quintanilla is a successful record producer. His net worth estimation is around five million dollars. He makes most of his money from working in the music industry. 

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Rikkie Robertson is a beautiful young woman. Rikkie is a model and hosts in America. However, she is famous as the former wife of a celebrity. Rikkie was married to a famous record producer Quintanilla.

But Rikkie was the second wife of the record producer. They were married for five years. Also, the couple did not have any children. Currently, Rikkie Robertson is single and focusing on her career. But the record producer Quintanilla is in a relationship. He is leading a good life in America.

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All You Need To Know About Aja Metoyer



Aja Metoyer

Honestly, if you never heard of Aja Metoyer, you must be living under the rock. After all, this famous model is an internet sensation, television personality, and a reality show star in the USA. Formerly, this 38-year-old celebrity was in a relationship with Dwyane Wade. Recently she came into the spotlight due to the wife of her ex, Gabrielle Union. Get to know all there is about her from below.

Biography of Aja Metoyer

Aja Metoyer came into this world on 24th July 1983. Now, she is 38 years of age and resides in California, United States. For her high school education, she went to Campbell high school in Georgia. Then, it looks like she went to college to get a higher degree. Well, other than this, no other information is available about Aja’s education. Furthermore, she belongs to mixed ethnicity and follows Christianity. Also, her zodiac sign is Leo.

On the other hand, her parents are Donald Metoyer and Cynthia Metoyer. Well, from the pictures Aja posted online, it looks like she is very close to both of them. But, no other information is available about her parents’ occupation.

Her relationship with Damon Wayans, Jr

Certainly, her long term relationship with Wayans, Jr is no secret. In fact, they were lovers from high school. Yes, Aja did say that he is her first love. Damon is a famous American comedian and actor. Of course, they were blessed with 2 daughters – Aniya and Amara. Then, their love life faced a sudden change. Finally, Damon left her because he had affairs with someone else.

Aja and Dwyane Wade

Certainly, Dwayne Wade is a famous basketball player who is seen in the “Miami Heat” for a long time. In 2013, Aja and Dwyane dated for a short time when he was on break from his wife Gabrielle Union. Well, she became pregnant with his son whom she gave birth on 10th November 2013. Their son’s name is Xavier Wade. 

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Aja’s recent Instagram story caused a stir

In “You Got Anything Stronger?”, Gabrielle Union speaks about the baby that her husband had with Aja. Yes, she told her emotional pain that went because of this. Furthermore, she added the additional pain she had for her difficulty getting pregnant and the road of surrogacy. Moreover, Aja never said anything about the son she had with Dwayne. Now, with a lot of hate that she kept getting from the public, Aja finally spoke out about this issue on her Instagram story.

On 17th September 2021, Aja uploaded an Insta story where she told that her temper can go from zero to prison quickly. Also, she clarified that she didn’t come into their relationship to ruin them. Rather, Aja had relations with Aja when he was on break with his wife. Of course, this caused quite a stir online.

Aja Metoyer net worth

Currently, her net worth is estimated to be around 2 to 3 million dollars. After all, she is having a successful career in the show business. Well, her fame reached a new high when she was a part of season 6 of the ‘Basketball Wives’ show in 2017.

That’s all folks. Hope this gives you a little bit of insight into this budding star. Make sure to stay tuned for further future updates on Aja Metoyer.

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All You Need To Know About Lindsey Vandeweghe



Lindsey Vandeweghe

Surely, you must have heard about Vincent Jackson, the husband of Lindsey Vandeweghe. In past, he played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Diego Chargers. In fact, three times he won the Pro Bowl. On the other hand, he was also known for his strong relationship with Lindsey Vandeweghe. Well, her name got the headlines when her love was found dead in Brandon. Yes, he was lying cold in his hotel room on 15th February 2021. Sadly, this left his wife devasted.

From early life to career, and everything else, you can get to know about her here. So, keep reading.

The early life of Lindsey Vandeweghe

The fact is, Lindsey is a very private person. So, not much information is available to the public about her. Yes, she doesn’t want the media to interfere in her personal affairs. Well, the only available information is her year of birth. She was born in 1989. So, she is 32 years of age.

Lindsey Vandeweghe

On the other hand, even her husband never revealed anything about his wife. Now, you know why many consider her a mystery woman.

The career of Lindsey Vandeweghe

Again, she has been very secretive about what she does for a living. Of course, there are some speculations that state that she lives off with her husband’s money. On the other hand, numerous reports say she is a philanthropist. Well, this means that helps other people through donations. Also, she works closely with the Action 83 Foundation, which is a charity work by her husband. Moreover, this organization helps out with the education of poor children, physically, disabled children, and even military families.

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Her relationship with her husband

Certainly, you can say that they were a couple of love birds. Yes, they were a happily married couple for 10 years. In fact, they were long time lovers who never publicly revealed their love. But, when he got into the UNC athletic hall of fame, things changed. There, he went on to the stage and proposed to Lindsey. Yes, he told that he loved her and want to spend the rest of his days with her.

Of course, Lindsey said yes to his proposal. Then, they tied the knot on 16th July 2011. After that, both of them started their lives in a 3.5 million dollars’ worth mansion. It is in Palma Ceia Golf.

The death of her husband

Their beautiful 10 years of married life came to an end when he left this world. Surely, this caused deep pain for Lindsey. In Brandon, he was found dead by a housekeeper of the Homewood Suites. Initially, there were reports that his death may be due to chronic alcoholism. Still, other reports claim that he was suffering from CTE, which is a brain disease. Well, he was buried by his close family members in a private funeral. There is no doubt that this left a deep scar for his wife, Lindsey Vandeweghe.

Lindsey’s net worth

Well, her net worth is still under review because no information about it is available to the public. But, you can be sure that she is using her money mainly to help people.

Social media accounts of Lindsey

As you saw earlier, she is not an attention seeker. So, she is not active on any of the social media accounts available today.

Well, that’s all there is about Lindsey Vandeweghe. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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Who is Tianna Chanel Flynn? Chanel Flynn Line Of Duty



Tianna Chanel Flynn

Who doesn’t know about the BBC’s show “Line of Duty”? Surely, you are the character Steve Arnott in that show. Well, he is married to Tianna Chanel Flynn, an upcoming actress. From her love story to children, get to know everything there is about her.

The career of Tianna Chanel Flynn

You can say that Tianna is an upcoming actress. Now, she works as a real estate agent. In 2012, she got the role of Teisha in the web series “Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader”. Also, she did a brief role at the end of the advertisement of Nissan’s Altima. Furthermore, if you see her public Facebook page, you can see that she is a model, actress, and stuntwoman.  Well, there is no doubt that she is a talented person.

Tianna Chanel Flynn

On the other hand, she did a little cameo role in Martin’s show. That’s right, she appeared in the “Line of Duty” in the last series. Well, the scene was that he got a message from a dating app which appeared from a woman named Tina Watts. Surely, if you take a close look at the picture of that woman, you can see Tianna with a dog. Furthermore, that dog is the Staffie that both of them has.

Education of Tianna

From the available information, it looks like she is well educated. Also, Tianna was a cheerleader at the University of Nevada. She went to Advanced Technologies Academy present in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How did the duo meet?

In simple words, you can say that their love story will look like it was meant to happen. Well, Martin and Tianna met at the Hudson Hotel in LA. There, she was working as a nightclub manager. In fact, when Martin came to know about her Irish heritage, he used Irish songs to charm her. Soon, they started dating and got married. Yes, they tied the knot at the Compston family chapel in 2016. And, that chapel is present in Greenock, Renfrew.

At her wedding, Tianna was seen walking down the aisle with her Irish dad who is a former soldier. Furthermore, Tianna’s American stepdad was also there at her wedding.

Children of Tianna

Even though no picture of the name of the baby is available to the public, it looks like they have one child. Martin told that his wife was pregnant in 2019. Moreover, they shared a picture where you can see her bump. Later, he revealed that he is in Vegas and is a father in March 2020. On the other hand, staying there is an advantage when it comes to childcare. After all, Tianna’s mum Sissy, who is a member of the US air force, lives nearby. In fact, she is just 2 streets away from the duo and the baby.

Her tribute to her husband

The couple often interacts via social media publicly to show their love and support for each other. For the drama “The Nest”, she paid her tribute to Martin for his amazing role in April. With 5K followers, she wrote that the ending made her cry after a long time. Moreover, she thanked the whole team for their work.

Well, that’s all there is about Tianna Chanel Flynn. As you can see, there is no doubt that she will reach new heights in the future. So, stay tuned for further updates!

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