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20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend



20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

When you first engage in speaking to a girl you have many questions in your mind to ask her and this is good to know about her. If you already dated her for some time and you think now she is your girlfriend, that’s fantastic! But I can say for sure that you are still trying to impress her. You are searching for the questions to ask your girlfriend that you would ask her on your next date. One thing I must tell you and I think you already know, “Girls love Attention” whether the boy is friend, boyfriend, lover, husband or the one they are dating with. The questions to ask you girlfriend should not overboard otherwise she will drive away from you. Even if she is now your girlfriend you must make her feel loving and relaxed. She should feel you are still interested in her, your attention is still on her. At the end of the day you should ask girlfriend about her whole day, her breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you meet adore her not complementing her hot but the beautiful one in your life. Following are the top 20 questions to ask your girlfriend:

20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Here is the 20 Questions To Ask A Girlfriend If You Want To Get To Know Her ASAP

1. What is the biggest fear of your life?
2. If you get power to change something from your past what will you change?
3. Which day you like the most in the whole week?
4. Which is the most embarrassing moment yet in your life?
5. Do you remember the day when we first met?
6. What is your star sign and do you believe in astrology?
7. Which place you want to go with me to spend holidays?
8. If you get a chance to make some change in me, what will you change?
9. What do you think how a date can be perfect?
10. Did you ever said I Love You to someone else?
11. What are your goals for a relationship?
12. What was the first impression you took about me?
13. What do you like the most in yourself?
14. Do you like having tattoos on body? If yes then where would you like to have them on your body?
To heat up the conversation go for a little bit sexiness and believe me, your girlfriend would love when you will talk to her about her body and adore her.
15. Tell me about the craziest thing you have ever done.
16. Which part of your body you would like to be touched?
17. What place you want to be kissed more by your boyfriend?
18. On which song you want to dance with me?
19. If I ask you to be naughty what will be the first thing you would do to me?
20. What things turns you on make fell sexy?

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Romantic Things to Do in Chicago




Romantic Things to Do in Chicago

Very few couples schedule a date night on a regular occasion. Only 11% of couples are planning date night events at least once per week.

But studies have shown that regular dates improve the quality of your relationship, levels of intimacy, and lower your chance of divorce or breakups. So where should you go on your next date? 

While not exactly Paris, Chicago is a big, beautiful city with plenty of fun things to do on date night. If you live in the city or are visiting from nearby, there countless romantic things to do in Chicago, to keep things exciting between you and your partner.

From spending time on the water to making your way to the tallest tower in Illinois, Chicago is an exciting place to spend time year-round.

So what are you waiting for? Here are four romantic places to go in Chicago. 

See the City from Willis Tower

The Willis Tower, otherwise known as the Sears Tower, is the tallest building in the state of Illinois. It’s one of the best places to go in Chicago. You can buy a ticket for around $30 to visit the observation deck.

Doing so will test your partners level of fear, however, as the deck is made of glass, including the floor. So if standing above open space, 1,400 feet off the ground sounds exciting, make sure to include a pitstop at this tower. 

Go On a Cruise

Looking for some unexpected things to do in Chicago for couples? How about a cruise? No, you don’t have to be in the Caribbean to enjoy a beautiful, relaxing cruise. Lake Michigan, which looks like an ocean to most people, borders the city of Chicago. 

Head to the city and search for a “brunch cruise near me” and you’ll likely find Adeline’s Sea Moose, a private, relaxing yacht that runs from May thru October. 

Magnificent Mile

Looking for a casual, yet romantic way to spend an evening? Head to the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago, where you can stroll through the beautiful streets lined with shops, restaurants, mind-blowing architecture, and all the best that the city has to offer.

If you’re smart, you’ll even book a night or two at one of the luxury hotels that line this world-renowned corridor. 

The Art Institute of Chicago

You don’t need to visit Paris or London to experience world-class art museums. The Art Institute of Chicago is on par with every major art institution on the globe.

There are more than 300,000 works of art housed within the museum’s walls. You can spend hours walking through the halls and pondering life’s greatest mysteries here. 

The museum is also located in Grant Park, another excellent place to walk and enjoy the views of the city. 

Spice up Your Relationship with Romantic Things to Do in Chicago

You don’t have to take an extended vacation in order to spice up your relationship and rekindle your romance. Sometimes, a trip downtown is all that you need.

With so many romantic things to do in Chicago, you can plan a year’s worth of date nights in the city and never get bored.

Looking for more travel tips and tricks like this? Visit our blog now to find other inspiring articles. 

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6 Unbelievable Facts About Women- 2021 Guide




6 Unbelievable Facts About Women- 2021 Guide

Before getting into a relationship with women, men must be aware of all the facts about women. Most men believe that women are a complicated piece of box that is very difficult to understand. 

Women are different from men, and they have some amazing creatures in them. According to science, women have a better sense of smell than men, and they are biologically sensitive to high-pitched noises. 

Nowadays, a popular word is trending, i.e., female led relationship. Here, the relationship is based on women authorities, and women dominate men here. This is a small fact about women’s relationships. However, there are various things that you must know about women and this can vary from women’s behavior to biological facts about women. 

6 Unbelievable Facts About Women- 2021 Guide

Women are incredible, beautiful, and powerful in their own right. Moreover, they can achieve anything once they set their minds. Every woman’s thoughts and actions around the world can vary, which is why men find complications to understand women. 

At the same time, men have the interest to know more about women. So, now let’s proceed to know some unbelievable facts about women in 2021.

1. They Have Stronger Immune System 

There are only a few who are aware of the fact that women have stronger immune systems than men. However, this fact is true as we already know that women live longer than men due to the fact that women’s bodies may be better at fighting off infections.

On the other hand, a stronger immune system is developed over time because they have to give birth to babies. So, a stronger immune system helps them to maintain their body and keep them fit even after delivering a baby.

2. They Have Better Muscle Endurance 

Women have better muscle endurance than men, yet men are stronger as compared to women when it comes to strength. This is one of the surprising facts that only a few people are aware of. Moreover, women have a more active metabolism than men. 

According to the research, women can do more exercises related to stamina for about 75% longer than men. This shows women’s capability, and thus, they have better muscle strength than men. 

3. Their Bodies Are Structurally Made For Greater Flexibility 

This is true that women’s bodies are structurally made for greater flexibility. It is because when it comes to flexibility and stretching, women have various benefits; for example, their muscles and tendons contain more elastin.

Their body contains more proteins that give women the ability to stretch more and thus, creates greater flexibility as a whole. This is due to the fact that their lower spines are structurally different from men, and they also have greater adaptability for childbearing. 

4. They Have Better Memory

According to the reports, women were found with better memory skills than men, and this was suggested in the study made by experts. Moreover, their memory is not only limited to remembering things but remembering the faces of several people at the same time. 

Other studies found that women can remember more faces better as compared to men. It is because women unintentionally spend more time remembering the faces and studying features of the same. Therefore, these facts signify that women have better memory skills than men. 

5. The Female Body Has A Lower Resistance To Alcohol  

Another amazing fact about women is that their body has a lower resistance to alcohol. You may believe this or not, but this is true that alcohol is more dangerous for women. 

This made women suffer from more brain damage from alcohol, for example, lack of mental functions and lowered brain size. If you are new to this fact, then you must make women aware of this fact and warn them not to drink much as they are more vulnerable to brain infections than men. 

6. Women Hates Taking Risks 

Yes, women hate taking risks, and this includes a scientific reason behind it. The anterior cingulate cortex, a portion of the brain, weighs larger than men. However, this makes women better caretakers than men as they can save the tribe in a better way.


So, many few are aware of this fact, and even if you deny it, this is completely true that women hate taking risks. At the same time, the majority of women claimed this as true. 

The Final Thoughts 

Men are always eager to know amazing facts about women, either it is related to biological facts or women’s taste. The above listed are some of the unbelievable facts about women that you must know in 2021. You can also list some more in the comment section below if you know other exciting facts about women. 

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What is The Relationship Compatibility X – Factor




Relationship Compatibility X – Factor

The X – Factor. No not the show, the ever-elusive relationship X – Factor. What is it and how does one go about obtaining it with their partner? We delve into the most important aspects of a relationship that strengthen pair bonding and bring out your X-Factor.


It is normal to get caught up in life. Work strains, other relationships, money problems, and daily commutes to the rat race all take a psychological toll. Wanting to express those frustrations or share the day with your partner is natural but a couple who succeed keep it to a minimum. Having the X-Factor means setting a time for shop talk closing.

From that time, communication is about other meaningful things. Communicating their feelings, discussing common interests and making plans for their future all help to reconnect them on a psychological level.

It’s All About Fun

Fun is a fundamental part of any romantic relationship. Having fun, laughing together or enjoying physical activities together creates a chemical reaction in the brain that strengthens pair bonding and reinforces the love between you and your partner. X-Factor couples understand that 70% of their relationship should be fun while the rest can be filled with the seriousness of life.

Don’t Lose You

You were an individual before you became a couple and you should not lose yourself. Far too often, a person will invest all their time and effort into their partner and neglect themselves. X-Factor couples understand that investing in themselves and keeping their identity allows them to give their best in a relationship.

Remember, your significant other was attracted to you in the beginning because of all the things that made you who you are. Don’t give them up.

Touch Me

We don’t just mean sexually. Touch each other, as much as possible. Touch is a fundamental part of bonding and human relationships. Couples with the X – Factory consciously make time to touch each other in a loving, affectionate and playful way. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

Pick Your Battles

X-Factor couples understand that not every argument is worth the time, effort and aggravation it will cause in their relationship. They understand that it is okay to feel the stresses and strains of life, but it is not okay to react to petty irritations in your relationship by being snappy and reactive.

The next time your partner irritates you, laugh it off and guide the dialogue to solution-driven communication. Better yet, tell your partner you understand their frustration and ask them what you can do to help them while cuddling. 

Private Time

Everyone needs personal space. Being a couple does not mean you are required to live in each other’s face and space all the time. Giving your partner time to reflect and process their day, feelings and frustrations before talking about it shows them that you respect them as an individual. Sometimes all a person needs is ten minutes alone and a cup of tea to reset before they give you the best of them again.

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