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How To Buy A Perfect Bath Towel?

    Buy the perfect long-lasting towel and cut down on the petty bills you pay every time you replace your ordinary towel with the same kind of ordinary towel.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A superior quality towel is durable for up to 5 - 10 years.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ But, to buy it right, you need to stick to some criteria. It can cost you a little more than your standard towels, but it is a much more practical option if you want to save spending some money on your towels in the long run.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here’s a list of the factors you must not overlook when shopping for a towel.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Field Of Use ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your towel choice should depend upon whether you want it on an everyday basis for your morning bath, or whether you want it for a quick shower after a dive in the pool, or for gym purposes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Fabric ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, who doesn’t want a soft-fluffy towel soaking all the water droplets after a relaxing bath? However, this can only be possible with fine quality fabric.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bamboo-cotton: A high absorbent fabric that is completely eco-friendly and can cost a tiny more than the other fabrics.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Turkish Cotton: An high-end cotton towel which has extra-long fibres and exceptional softness.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Microfiber: This type of fabric is mainly used for towels at beaches or pools. They are efficient at drying up the body faster than other towel materials. They also absorb oils and dirt easily.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Organic Cotton: If you have sensitive skin and allergic reactions, this fabric would be the most suitable. Moreover, it is durable, as well.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ringspun Cotton - A fabric with an amalgamation of short and long fibres producing fine threads than regular or combed cotton and has extreme softness. It is one of the perishable types of cotton.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These were just some of the best out of the many fabric options you can choose from. Another vital thing you should always remember is to look at the description if you’re buying towel online. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Density Of The Towel ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A dense towel indicates softness and has high-absorbency than a lower density towel. The density of the towel can be measured by the GSM, i.e. the gram per square meter.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 300 - 400 GSM - Inexpensive and super lightweight, but not the ideal bath towels as they are less-absorbent.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 400-620 GSM - Neither too light nor too heavy. It’s the perfect density for a bath towel.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 620-900 GSM - 5-star hotel-like towels, soft and ultra-absorbent but not a wise choice for regular use, as they don’t dry up quickly.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Know Your Towel Size ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Depending upon your requirement, you can choose from different size variations available in bath towels.    A typical bath towel for quick drying after a shower is - 27” x 52”. A larger bath sheet (35” x 60”), provides more coverage. It is more absorbent and allows you to wrap yourself completely.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you’re searching for compact options then, hand towels (18” x 26”) or mini square washcloths (13” x 13”) can be bought.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Styles ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Apart from the above factors, you should also choose the prints and colours wisely. It adds to the appearance of the bathroom when you stack up those towels.  If you have understood all the criteria mentioned above, you’re good to go for towel shopping. You can also look out for premium quality towels on Stellar Home’s website. They have a wide range of towels to shop from. Moreover, they have some exclusive colourful towels on sale as well.

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