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Buy Cotton Bedsheets Online For Your Guest Room

  In India, according to traditions and culture, guests are considered as god. But no matter where you come from, all families respect their guests and want them to feel completely at home. Before they come home, the smallest need and preference is looked at and made fit according to them.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From their food to their favourite soap, every small thing is given consideration. In such a scenario, can you overlook one of the most important things - their bedding? No chance! The bed becomes the focal point for your room. Hence, your bedding has to be the best so that your guest can rest peacefully.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The quality of your sleep depends on important factors like the bedsheet and the mattress. When confused over what kind of bedsheet is the best opt for 100% cotton bed sheets. You can't mess up with high-quality bed linens paired with soft pillow covers and clean comforters. Nothing like the warmth of a crisp and clean made-up bed to spend a night after a long and tiring day.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here are five bed sheets online at Portico India that can lighten up your room and make it look very inviting.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.   Pretty in Pastels ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you thought pastels were so last year, you're mistaken! Pastels are yet ruling the colour charts this year. The Marvella Double Bed Sheet is a blend of all the prettiest colours, giving a cosy and bright look to your guest bedroom.   Featuring a neo geometric pattern in an earthy aquatic palette, it is surely a fantastic conversation starter. It can add a zing to any interior. Pastel pillowcases in a delicate pattern complete this trendy look! Made from pure cotton, this bed cover is a double bedsheet measuring 224 X 254 cms. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can shop this pretty bedsheet only on Portico India's website.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.   Classic Call ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When in doubt, go with the classic- a Percale Ivory Bedsheet Super King Size. This looks very sophisticated and will go with every interior due to its versatile colour. You can also layer this with vibrant comforters to add some colour.   The ivory sheets are super soft to the skin and are made of breathable natural fabric- cotton. It is a super king-size bed sheet and measures 274 X 274 cm. You'll also find this range of flat sheets for single bed sheets. Don't forget to check it out on Portico India's Website.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.   Tropical Vibes ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make your home a cosy sanctuary with the super soft and beautiful Magnum range. With a beautiful lustre and fabric made with 100% cotton, get ready for a comfy night's sleep!   The Magnum range of bedsheets is inspired by nature and gives a fresh and edgy look to your room. Suitable for all age groups, these have a good thread count which make it durable and high-quality. You can buy this only at Portico India's website.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.   Vibrant Dreams ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the delightful touch of floral charm to the magnetic aura of geometric designs, reinvent your home fashion through trend-setting facets of style. This bright bed linen will ensure your guest gets a good night of sleep filled with vibrant dreams.   This super king-sized sheet comes with two pillow covers and measures 274 X 274 cm. Check out this website today at Portico India's website.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For many more bedding materials and cosy nights, don't forget to check out Portico India. They've made buying bedsheets online hassle-free and easier. They provide a range of bed sheets and fitted sheets in various sizes like double, king, queen, super-king and single size.

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